Run RhoMobile Apps With XCode 4.3.2

Potential errors you may face when you run Rhodes application with XCode 4.3.2 and possible solutions for it.
Potential errors and solutions:

  1. ERROR: invalid SDK in BUILD.YML !
    iphonesimulator5.0 is NOT installed on this computer !

    XCode 4.3.2 comes with iphonesimulator5.1
    In build.yml change it like
    sdk: iphonesimulator5.1
    Another good option is to install missing simulator via XCode-> Preferences -> Select Downloads tab and then install iOS 5.0 Simulator

  2. …/gems/rhodes-3.3.2/lib/build/jake.rb:297: command not found: /Developer/usr/bin/xcodebuild -version -sdk iphonesimulator5.1

    Older version of Rhodes iPhone rake tasks uses /Developer/usr/bin/xcodebuild path instead of /Applications/
    See the file [/platform/iphone/rbuild/iphone.rake] code “task :iphone” at line (around) 474.
    In your local gem installation change it to the path where actual xcodebuild is installed.
    You can use “which xcodebuild” to find the path.

  3. 0560b000 APP| App error: Expected argument 2 of type int, but got Fixnum 0
    in SWIG method ‘set_view_notification’

    Temporary suggestion by Rhodes team:
    Set the scheme “rhorunner” to use Release instead of Debug.
    See the screenshot.

  4. I have both XCode 4.2 and XCode4.3.2 but can’t get XCode 4.3.2 is not working with Rhodes

    You can use xcode-switch to select the xcodebuild that you want to use or modify the iphone.rake accordingly.

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