Transform Your Business With AI/ML Services

Embrace the power of AI and ML to transform your business with our AI/ ML services. Backed up by a decade of expertise and experience working with enterprise, startup, and life science research companies, we help them bridge the gap between Smart solutions and AI implementations.

Our Works

Wellness From Core: Nurture Your Life With Health and Happiness!

Unveiling the gap of nutrigenomics: Our Smart AI-based Supplement Suggestion System for next-generation healthcare delivery, bridged the divide between Nestle Health Science and their patients.

Capturing Memories With AI

Rummaging through thousands of photos, struggling to find exact details about the selfie you want to share, all these are a part of curating your cherished photo gallery. We solved this by building an AI-powered platform for Geosnapshot to find and download images quickly. And our platform aims to help participants to search their picture gallery through bib number and face recognition.

  • 512768

  • 2400+

  • 150000+


Empowering Smart Patient Care With NLP

We have worked on Functional Transcribe Software that leverages Natural Language Processing & Speech Recognition to connect practitioners and patients and give them a seamless experience.

Streamlining Communications With AI Voicebot

Our AI Voice Bots enhanced the patient experience for an eye hospital in Singapore by initiating human-like conversations via calls to

  • Book appointments
  • Track pre surgery status
  • Fetch post surgery status

Visualize Your Factory With Our Smart Technology!

Enable your factory CCTV camera into Smart cameras and tap the fullest potential of your floor! We are transforming the way factories operate through AI.

  • Identify the anomalies at your place
  • Analyse them with our intuitive dashboard
  • Drive your place to operational excellence

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, AI-ML services play quite an important role when it comes to the implementation of a custom solution due to the constant evolution of technology and the frequent changes in the industry, and the fact that industry 4.0 revolves around this makes it even more important.
Spritle AI-ML services are developed with the sole purpose of achieving absolute ease of access and with no presence of any flaws. Apart from that, the development team is pretty easy to get in touch with to resolve whatever issue one may be facing.
The need for AI-ML services is quite essential given that the world is gradually moving towards a stage where everything is automated or requires automation.
Spritle provides you with systems that can take decisions for you based on the analytics of the past data. Starting from providing insights to increase your sales to suggesting the marketing strategy, Spritle’s AI-ML development services surely make a mark.