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We believe in innovation, adaptation, and transformation. With our AI and ML-based expertise, we help you take your business to the next level.

Not only that, we have a decade of experience in working with Enterprise, Startup, and Life Science Research companies helping them to bridge the gap between smart solutions and AI Implementations.

Locations India-Singapore-USA

Automation? We are the ones
AI ML Application Development Services
Custom Gene Data Analysis Software Development

Wellness from Core

Unveiling the gap of Nutrigenomics between Nestle Health Science and patients to deliver future healthcare by using our Smart AI-based Supplement Suggestion System.

Capturing memories - AI

We have built a platform for Geosnapshot to find photos quickly and easily using Powerful AI technology enabling participants to find all of their photos real quick and download.







AI powered Photo Searching Application
Medical Transcription Software Development Company using NLP

Smart Patientcare - NLP

Giving Phraze a functional Transcribe Software & seamless experience partnered with Natural Language Processing & Speech Recognition that help Practitioners connect better with Patients

AI voicebot

Our AI Voice Bots enhancing patient experience for an Eye Hospital in Singapore by initiating Human-like conversation via calls to

  • Schedule appointments with the doctors
  • Collect health status pre surgery
  • Collect health status post surgery
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Voice Automation Services for Hospitals using AI Voice Bots
Computer Vision in Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Computer Vision

Enable your factory CCTV camera into Smart cameras and tap the fullest potential of your floor!
We are transforming the way Factories operate through AI

  • Identify the anamolies at your place
  • Analyse them with our intuitive dashboard
  • Drive your place to Operational Excellence
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