Scrum Product BackLog on Google sites

I usually keep the Scrum Product BackLog (PBL) on an Excel sheet and share it across the project members. It has its own pros and cons.
Some people also use Google docs spreadsheet for the same. I just found that you can also create a good looking PBL on Google Sites Apps.

The idea is to simply create a new page with List as a template

and then customize the list columns to show scrum pbl column’s.
Here is a sample customized list

and the sample PBL.

I think this could serve as another free tool for Distributed Agile team members.

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I prefer Team Leader, or Team Coach. Project ladeer implies a team can only be on one project, which is not always true, especially in support situations.Coach is a great term because a coach is a person that is invested in success/failure (winning/losing), but isn’t on the field doing the work. Their job is to provide the mentoring and tools (and environment) for the team to be able to succeed.

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