Encode/DeCode Image to base64 in RhoMobile Apps

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Encoding Image to base64 string
Rhodes comes with base64 library which helps to convert image to base64 string.
Lets see how.
Lets take an image from camera using RhoMobile library
[source language=”ruby”]
require ‘base64′
def take_photo
Now process the image taken via Smartphone camera to convert to base64
[source language=”ruby”]
def take_photo_callback
if @params[“status”]==”ok”
image_uri = @params[‘image_uri’]
base64_string = get_base64_image(image_uri)
#optionally write it to sd card or even send to server via restful service.
Now convert the Blob image into base64 format
[source language=”ruby”]
#method to encode image to base64 string
def get_base64_image(damaged_photo_record)
image_base64 = Base64.encode64(open(Rho::RhoApplication::get_blob_path(image_uri.strip)) { |io| io.read })
#replace new line and carriage return chars
filter_image = image_base64.gsub(/\r/,””).gsub(/\n/,””)
Decoding base64 string to image and write it to SD card. For iPhone apps, you can display it directly on the view page
[source language=”ruby”]
def write_to_sdcard(base64_image)
File.open(“/sdcard/photo.jpg”, “wb”) do |file|

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  1. In Android version 2 it will be showing error as “Undefined method `unpack` for Nil class” for decode64() method ,It will be working fine in Android Version 4
    Any suggestion please share

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