Calling Rake Task's with in Rake

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If you want to call a Rake task within or from other rake files, then the pretty straight-forward, just use it like
Not sure how it may work and if you prefer a working Ruby on Rails demo?, then you can download the source code from GITHUB’s
It was built using Rails4, Ruby 2
Here is a sample code snippet if you prefer.
[source language=”ruby”]
namespace :myproject do
namespace :taskgroup_one do
desc “MyProject | Task Group one | task one description”
task task_one: :environment do
puts “I am task one from – Tasks group one”
desc “MyProject | Task Group one | task two description”
task task_two: :environment do
puts “I am task two from – Tasks group one”
desc “MyProject | Task Group one | Call tasks from this group”
task call_tasks_from_group_one: :environment do
desc “MyProject | Task Group one | Call tasks from group two”
task call_tasks_from_group_two: :environment do

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