You Might Be Losing Your Customers If You Don’t…

There are a lot of apps that come and go, but there are a few that leave a mark. Well, there is this Application...
Meghashree Das
1 min read

Fix for TZInfo::DataSourceNotFound: GitLab Omnibus

If you face the below error when running gitlab-ctl reconfigure The solution is to run the below command and rerun gitlab-ctl reconfigure apt-get update...
Neelkanth Ram
1 min read

How to set Timezone in Ubuntu server

Run the command You will see the below screen to pick and choose the timezone for your server.
Neelkanth Ram
5 sec read

Do you think Apple is the only one who…

All my developer life, I have been fooled that getting published my app to App Store is the most difficult thing until I developed...
3 min read

Here come share an idea from the book about…

Nowadays, Testing is made with frequently changing software under the determined time stress of short iterations in iterative delivery environment. With the understanding of...
Lakshmi Priya
2 min read

Querying JSON with PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL provide powerful operator and methods to process JSON data. I have taken mock data to explore different operators and methods. Before proceed make...
Sivakumar V
3 min read

An Introduction to Machine Learning Theory

Machine Learning (ML) is coming into its own, with a growing recognition that ML can play a key role in a wide range of...
Bala Venkatesh
1 min read

What makes Chennai the most happening city for Startups…

Right at the doorstep are all the opportunities that you have ever wanted. All you need is the passion, vision and execution. You can...
Sriram Ravishankar
3 min read

Do your team really involves in Brainstorm session?

Hi Techies, do your teammates really participate in a Brainstorm session. With my experience, I say that it would be great if every team...
1 min read

Rotate and Compress pm2 logs Elegantly

pm2 logs can grow big overtime. As big as 50GB or more in a month time based on your application usage. Eventually you may...
Neelkanth Ram
36 sec read

React Native ❤ CodePush

It’s started two years ago, Love with React Native and still it continues. Whenever new app or product enters into our court, we are...
Prabakaran Marimuthu
5 min read

Use Docker as Rails Development Environment

Docker container can be used effectively as a rails development environment. Lets create new rails application with Docker and docker-compose.
Sivakumar V
2 min read