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Functional Medicine, a new way of medicine

A personalized, patient-centric, backedup by science approach to health that helps the Practitioners to treat patients for the root cause and not only the symptoms of a disease to achieve optimal health.


Managing or living with is no more an option for Chronic Health Conditions. Taking the Functional Medicine way to treat not only the symptoms but also the underlying root cause of the illness. Unlike the traditional medicine, functional medicine Practitioners find it more reliable and can relate to more real-time problems their patients are facing in their day to day life with their chronic illness.
Chronic conditions like Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Depression, and many more can be suppressed for sometime but cannot be eliminated from your life. All that a doctor can say is You have to live with it. But not anymore.

The basic understanding of the below three factors are very essential in Functional Medicine


Biochemical Factor.


LivingMatrix Features

Our Functional Medicine Practitioners find a way to easily carry on with your life without feeling like a patient and the need to extensive care. A very few changes in your lifestyle and daily habits can be the all round solution for many illnesses.

  • Cloud-based patient information management system for enhanced process and for better patient care
  • Dynamic dashboard and user-friendly interface for both the Practitioners & Patients.
  • Visual patterns patient matrix, patient interactions etc, to know the current health status of the patient.
  • 900+ Practices to choose from and get the right care from the IFM certified Practitioners..

Why Choose Us?

We provide you with the best and flexible solution for your software ideas!

Important suggestions to Patients using Data Science.

Increase the availability of Medicare even in times of crisis.

Informative Patient Reports with visuals for better outcome.

In-built Telemedicine feature for patients to opt from