We religiously believe that when people are given freedom and autonomy and the means to achieve mastery, remarkable things happen. At Spritle we are endowed in building a workplace and culture where independent self-organizing teams are valued over arcane processes, micro-management and sky-high hierarchies. Software is built for people and our goal is to make sure every human involved in the delivering be valued and be able to derive a sense of satisfaction and purpose out of the process and maximizing that is what our policies and practices are optimized for.


Our work and culture is driven by a sense of purpose. We are a diverse community of individuals who’s purpose is to create value every single day at work, help each other grow by providing direct and fast feedback, continuously improve the self and the whole and ultimately build experiences and products that humans love and be impacted by. To that end, we nurture this sense of purpose by,

  • Adopting an agile process that advocates continuous delivery of value, tight feedback loops and quality.
  • Creating a safe space where peers can share feedback transparently and motivate each other, prompting rapid individual and organisational growth.
  • Being mindful of our craft, tools and practices and incentivizing the honing and improvement of the same.
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise with each other through talks and presentations during our beloved SpriteXchange sessions.
  • Promoting and rewarding contributions to open source, community projects and other social causes.
  • Investing in the growth of local tech communities and meetups and giving back.
  • Mastering the art of work-life balance through regular games and sports that are organised by our teams.

We think as a unit, play as a team and work as a family. We believe that our lives don’t just revolve around work but the passion that drives us to be professionals and experts. Fun is a quotient we capitalize on in building a culture that sees no borders, doors or levels. With our team members bringing in several flavors of being sportsmen, artists, photographers and musicians among others, we engage in several activities that just gets every onlooker wanting to be part of our Spritleway!


We love our (long)breaks battling over a game of Carrom or Foosball in the rec room. Or just stand around and cheer. And we often burst steam over an intense match of Volleyball or Cricket in the huge ground right in front of us. The body freaks get to break a sweat in the Gym next door. Or just chill with a burger and shake in the coffee shop below. Our terrace cafeteria and pantry offers a more secluded corner for the little(long) chitchats over tea. The Workplace as a whole provides an ambience that both comforts and excites you. Gets you pumped for both work and fun. Or just makes you feel at home.

testimonial-team (Demo)
Diego de Vicente
Founder & CEO of moddoGroup

For our Group of companies, Spritle means much more than a great technology company. We will always get their point of view before pursuing a new technology or a new project!

testimonial-team (Demo)
Paul Burgoyne
Vantage Solutions

Vantage Solutions has been working with Spritle now for over three years and what a run it has been. I wish to thank you for all your talent, creativity and energy. You are also a very passionate and flexible team – which I admire. In fact, I feel that we work so well together that we are essentially one team. In past years, I have worked with many IT teams, but none like Spritle. To me, the most important attribute about Spritle is that you are not defensive or insular. Your team is very willing to provide new ideas and views. And, you are not afraid to make mistakes, make those known and move on. This last piece is what I believe makes Spritle stand alone. I am grateful to be a partner with Spritle.

Our core values

We ardently believe in the following values which we hold close to our heart and preach passionately.

We believe in delivering real value to our customers and driving profits as a result of it rather than focusing on making easy money.
Whether you’re going to be hiring us or working with us, you’ll learn that we just don’t do the usual lip service to quality. It has been meshed into the fabric of our culture.
A happy team always delivers more value and suffers less burnout. This is what we promote at Spritle. Anything that jeopardizes happiness is a no-no.
We believe that diversity in culture, opinion, race, gender, backgrounds, education, etc is crucial to building any sustainable business and promotes ideas and creativity.
The right team for your project
we love what we do


01. PROGRAMMERapply now

  • 5+ years of overall software development experience
  • 2+ years of Ruby on Rails development
  • Data modeling and optimization of RDBMS (MySQL)
  • Strong experience developing SaaS or web based enterprise software application
  • Experience with JavaScript MVC Framework
  • Experience with agile, iterative, and test-driven development methods
  • Experience designing and developing applications from the ground up with performance and scalability in mind
  • Facebook application like Facebook & Twitter API experience is helpful

02. mobile developerapply now


  • Native programming expertise in iOS / Android
  • Proficient in AngularJS, Bootstrap, Phonegap and jQuery
  • Knowledge of building Phonegap apps using Xcode / Android IDE
  • Familiar with writing Phonegap plugins
  • Experience on web service integration (SOAP, REST, JSON, XML)
  • Experience of development using web technologies with AJAX
  • Good understanding of OO programming and design patterns
  • Experience of hosting, deploying mobile apps

03. open erp developersapply now

  • Candidate will be responsible for developing and supporting enhancements to Odoo(OpenERP) 7.0 and upwards modules and their related integrations.
  • Strong experience in Odoo(OpenERP) Installation, Configuration, Customization, Development, Integration and Migration.
  • Designing & modifying User Interfaces (Views, Widgets, Menus, etc)
  • Sound knowledge of Python programming language.
  • Hands-On experience with PL/SQL, Workflow and Python scripting. Creating or modifying or customizing reports and kanban views using QWeb
  • Ability to develop technical solutions to business requirements in a complex projects, products and modules environment.
  • Hands on experience on MySQL and Mongo
  • Good understanding of RESTful services and API

04. internshipapply now

  • First things first: Solid understanding of web technologies such HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSON, HTTP, RESTful APIs etc.
  • Should have good proficiency in any one of these: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Java.
  • Experience working with frameworks and libraries like Angular, React, backbone.js.
  • Knowledge of code versioning tools like Git.
  • Experience with JS-based build tools like Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, and Bower.
  • Development experience for both mobile and desktop.
  • Data modeling and optimization of RDBMS (MySQL)
  • Good understanding of RESTful services and API