Web Applications Development

From Startups to Enterprise grade

Unique experience using Ruby on Rails

We provide expert web application development services using Ruby on Rails. We architect applications with scalability, efficiency and your requirements in mind and build them following the best practices in the industry.

Our experience in building a good number of enterprise grade solutions makes us stand apart in the industry.

Developing large scale enterprise solutions takes more than just coding skills. At Spritle we mingle with our clients' product team in order to understand the business domain needs and complexities. We use an iterative approach to deliver our solution which in turns helps our clients to focus on current deliverables and get maximum benefits.

We love startups at Spritle! You will enjoy working with our versatile and highly productive team that can bring your dream product to life in a short span of time!

Unique skills under our belt

  • Understand and apply the best practices in the industry
  • Effective use of Rails caching mechanism
  • Performance analysis and fine tuning using NewRelic RPM
  • Query optimizations to improve performance and response times
  • Understand the nook and cranny of ActiveRecord and use lazy loading / eager loading effectively
  • Build complex caching solutions with Memcached, Redis, etc
  • Extensive use of front-end dev-tools like Chrome Developer Tools, Firebug, YSlow, etc to optimize page delivery
  • Write clean, idiomatic and maintainable JavaScript for our client side
  • Fluency in using latest client side JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone, EmberJS, Meteor, etc
  • Integrate with and consume data from your APIs which may provide JSON, ODATA, XML, etc
  • Experience in integrating with numerous 3rd party APIs, Restful services and OAuth Providers

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