Facility Management System

Experience hassle-free Facility Management and add a cloud of smartness to your business with our system!

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A Quick Look Into Our FMS- What Can It Do For You?

Here is the complete package for you to automate and modernize your FMS!

Manage Assets

Easily monitor and track your building's assets with our efficient asset management system.

Organized Maintenance

Simplify your maintenance operations in single platform for streamlined monitoring of tasks.


Efficiently resolve issues & meet customer needs with our quick and seamless help-desk services.

Automate Tasks

Our advanced automated system will help you to manage daily tasks with ease and accuracy.

Track Faults

With an easy-to-use interface, our system allows you to keep track & manage faults in real-time.

Mobile App

Empower your workforce with the ability to manage and track facilities from anywhere, anytime.

Facility Management System For Smart Buildings

A Facility Management System is a holistic solution that covers organizational and building management and elevates maintenance teams' productivity!

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Visualize Your FMS Metrics!

Say farewell to tedious facility management tasks and automate them today with our FMS solution!

  • Collaborative Maintenance Teams

    Our FMS Solution powers a single, collaborative centralized dashboard for all your maintenance teams.

  • Insightful Data and Analytics

    With real-time data and easily-comprehensible reports, our FMS aids your teams in quick decisions.

Our Smart Facility Management Solution

Inspired by the relentless quest to customize and integrate Computer-Aided Facility Management Software, we specialize in offering simplistic FMS solutions for all.

Computer-Aided Facility Management System- Employ and Get Benefited From Spritle!

Our Niche Solutions

We tailor highly customizable solutions to cater to clients' needs and our niche-specific services expand far across diverse domains.

  • Airports
  • Education
  • Star Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • IT Parks
  • Logistics

Integrate Multiple Systems and Data With Our FMS

Streamline facility management with integrated systems and data. Simplify maintenance parameters and save time with our easy-to-use platform.

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Centralized Platform

Gain a holistic perspective with our solution that consolidates all facility management platforms.

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Simplified Integration

Connect all IoT sensors & Smart devices with our solution for simple integration of FMS platforms.

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Ongoing Surveillance

Constantly monitor your building and streamline operations with our solution's real-time data.

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Secure Data Integration

Easily and securely integrate data from different FMS portals with our computer-aided Facility Management

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Alerts and Notifications

Receive alerts instantly & stay prepared with our FMS software for hassle-free facility management.

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Elaborate Analytics

Manage operations efficiently with our FMS solution that analyzes data from all IoT devices.

Ignite the Spark To Modernize Your FMS System With Spritle!

Crafted to follow an easy-to-integrate approach, our solutions have the spark to keep your FMS implementation cost-effective and productive.

Begin Your FMS Journey With Us!

Come! Let’s resolve your FMS challenges together.

Perks of Computer-Aided Facility Management Systems

Implement our customizable CAFMS Solutions for efficient and cost-effective facility management in your building and reap the following benefits in no time!

  • Collaborative teams
  • Elevated productivity
  • Real-time facility tracking
  • Maximized efficiency"
  • Enhanced security
  • Incident management

Why Choose Us?

Managing facilities and handling them with cost-effective Smart FMS solutions is a big task. Our tech team makes the whole process of installing FMS solutions as seamless as possible. And we prioritize our clients before everything!

  • Techy
  • Innovative
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple & Scalable