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Eager loading and Lazy loading in Rails ActiveRecord

Eager loading loads the full objects tree that is the associated records of the objects. Consider we have two models Post and Comment and...
1 1 min read

Jammit installation issue (no such file to load — win32/open3 (LoadError)) in Windows

In one of m project I am using Jammit which provides both the CSS and JavaScript concatenation, compression and also provides built-in JavaScript template...
1 36 sec read

Ruby Singleton Methods and Singleton Classes

What is a Singleton method ? A method which belongs to a single object rather than to an entire class and other objects. Before...
4 49 sec read

Integrate Google Map Events with Flex and Rails

I was exploring the way to integrate GoogleMap on Flex with Rails as backend. My main focus was to detect the user events happening...
3 1 min read

Flex and Rails : Send – Receive JSON/XML/AMF data

If you want to know how to send and receive data from Flex and Rails using XML or JSON or AMF data types, then...
2 min read

Solution – Facebox not binding for Ajax Pages

I faced one nice problem while using Facebox for one of our recent project, thought i would take this moment to share the...
0 1 min read