A fun-filled Friday in Spritle!

Syed Irfaan

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Given that we work around the clock dealing with several clients all over the world, it only makes sense that we get to take a little while off and gather around with all our colleagues. The idea behind “FUN FRIDAY” is to give our Spritle members a short break from the relentless bombardment of messages, client calls, and other frequently ongoing things that tire both the mind and the body.

Let the games begin

Usually, a Friday would consist of a stream of fellow employees working throughout the day but today (June 17th, 2022) that wasn’t the case. The employees were sent a Google meets link to their respective mail accounts, asking them to join at 12 noon sharp.

We all know since the pandemic, Work From Home has become the new workspace for many people. And also connecting virtually is quite convenient, the fun Friday activities were planned as a virtual meet!

Once the group of colleagues had joined the customary brief introduction was done, which now brings us to the main picture of the virtual gathering, the Games!

There was a set of 3 games each based on various skill sets but were oriented to focus on one’s response speed and intellect solely. The games while challenging were also very captivating, allowing the team members to participate actively and of course, the gift vouchers were a great motivation too. Who would want to miss out on it!

The series of games


The first game was “Guess the picture” the game that focused on varying sets of pictures that were focused in the wrong places to mislead all of the fellow employees into giving replies that could seemingly be right but oh so very wrong as well!


The next game was called “Quick Riddle” where the fellow employees were asked a set of riddles that had to be answered rapidly before anyone could. This game kept everyone on their toes because not only did they have to be fast with their replies but they also had to be right.


Finally, the last game was called “Picture the Hint” where the host would describe a vivid scenario that had to be drawn out, and the person who drew the closest picture was considered the winner. The game was incredibly hilarious as multiple responses were sent out and most of them were quite funny.

The Winners of Fun Friday

After some deliberation, lots of consideration, and a bunch of scrutiny, the winners were announced and they all truly deserved it. Not only did those who win the event receive prizes but also everyone was acknowledged for their active participation.

Participation pays off too, not as much as winning is important but efforts put in succeeding are always worthy of praise.

The end

After that, the winners were announced on the forum that we all use and the winner was awarded Amazon Gift vouchers and was displayed on the wall for achievers.

Nevertheless, the day was filled with fun and enabled a good deal of interaction between all the employees and help break the ice with a couple of them. Overall the entire experience was quite enjoyable and sociable as well.

We hope to have good and memorable moments from now on and hope everyone would be less stressful, cut down their pressure to enjoy more!

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