All about ManageEngine’s Partner Meet 2023!

Mano Raajashri

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Have you ever wondered how a ManageEngine (Zoho) Partner meet would be?

Gazing at the Tamil cultured events, I cherished being at the ManageEngine Partner Meet 2023 witnessing a variety of diverse people enjoying the reunion and the exceptional hospitality.

Being a partner representing and participating in this event felt gladdening. The insightful interactions reflected the beam on the people who brightened up the event.

The warm welcome

The choice of greeting will likely be influenced by how well we know the other person, the cultural background, and social skills.

We were all at Estancia witnessing the grandeur of the felicitation given by the ManageEngine team. The team gladly received us and led the way to explore our ethnicity and tradition which incorporated our art and identity.

The Bullock cart ride, the Elephant blessing, the joyous music from Melam & Nadaswaram, and ancient flok dances like Karakattam, Poikkaal Kuthirai Aattam,  I was taken back to my fond memories of perceiving a thiruvizha.

All about Biz

A business works well when you keep your people well-informed and acquainted!

A speech on “Think Big – 2023” was delivered. We were at the Welcom hotel hearing about the business updates for the year 2023. Ideas and thoughts on future business were shared. What is about to come and how it is to take off higher was conversed with the partners. 

And also all the partners were celebrated for having played a significant role in the growth of all the ManageEngine products.

The thought of cross-selling and Growth

Partners are the face of a business as they communicate directly with customers by representing the business.

The sessions on various products like Service Desk Plus, Identity & Access Management, Security Information & Event Management, Unified Endpoint Management, IT operations manager, PAM 360, site 24*7, and App creator were insightful.

And we were all ears to the cases cracked by the ManageEngine team which was impulsive and affirmative. The problem statement cracked by the team provoked the thought of cross-selling which will have an impact on us when we have discussions with potential customers.

The Growth & celebration

Happiness is growing together and celebrating each milestone laid in the business. 

Growth over the years was debuted pictorially which felt so good to see. In line with the ranking of sales, a list of partners was revealed. Those on the list were called and appreciated.

Appreciation can make a day blessed and even more beautiful. The smile on the faces of people said it all!

Grandeur Marketing

We visited the Zoho office at Estancia and met the PR & Marketing team. The team presented an illuminating experience in differentiating Public Relations and Advertisement activities. The tools engaged were also shared with us.

The discussion on challenges and suggestions went on and turned out to be super interactive and informative.

When the team delivered the numbers, it was super sparkling. The 300+ activities consisted of user conferences, in-house activities, digital campaigns, and industry engagements resulting in 100K touchpoints.

In a business, the bottom line is predominantly achieved through marketing activities. Here, ManageEngine has also depicted it which uplifted many of us in the session.

By and large, the meet was stunning and stupendous!

From talking about the growth of every product to hearing out stories of problem statements being cracked by the ManageEngine team, it was all an incredible one.

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