An applicable solution to an addictive drink!

Syed Irfaan

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So given the various reason or statements, it’s undeniable that alcoholic beverages are consumed quite often. Some people consume them like it’s some sort of drug, and yes in some ways it is a drug cause you get addicted to it and in large quantities, you can spoil your health.

However, it’s also a drink that lets you loosen up and free yourself from the self-made restrictions and allows you to enter a phase where you have no concerns or worries. The most popular drink amongst all these is Beer cause not only is it significantly cheaper but also has a significantly lower price point compared to other alcoholic beverages.

Given that it’s not simple to manage all the processes that are applied during its creation, preservation, and consumption, we decided to create our solution for this issue!

The features that we boast!

The fact remains that this is a software solution made primarily for the management of beer for Bar Owners and required a good deal of time and effort to implement the various coding languages and programs used. Well, to list a few there was Ruby on Rails, Node Js, SQL, Haml, and a few others.

Now to dig deeper into the pit the entire solution does need to calculate a good deal of data such as temperature, quantities, consumption, and so on hence a highly complex data analysis system was created and broken down with the very task of dealing with this.

Finally, one of its most distinguishable features would have to be the dashboard that gives a display of all the stats that need to be calculated, analyzed, and shown with utmost precision and complete accuracy which means that no flaw of any sort is applicable.

This greatly helps the Bar Owners to keep track of their Beer sales, particularly which brand sells the most and gives insights or strategies on how they can increase the brand sales. By this, no beer is wasted & beer management is brought at your fingertip.

How does it work?

Multiple functions can be provided by this solution one of them being the ability to allow brewers to track and monitor the consumption of alcohol and place orders for more in case it requires a refill or for the breweries to require more of it to make a profitable outcome or to satisfy their customers.

It allows bars to track the consumption of the beer and with the help of sensors calculates the need and requirement of the bar and pushes the stock to minimize wastage of the beer. This function can be done via the phone with minimal hassle and allows maximum efficiency.

Finally, it allows users to track bars and find out all about their menu and the recipes that are used to make their normal beers lip-smacking delicious. In other words, it’s an app developed by those people who are absolute beer fanatics.

So in clear conclusion……In summary, this solution allows not only owners but also customers to find out what they look forward to in a good glass of beer and what goes into making it one of the most consumed drinks in the world.

Although it is a choice that we make regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages it occasionally does give rise to some of the most beautiful and clumsy moments that we will remember for years to come.

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