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Don’t mess with your releases – Do Plan (Endha oru Vishyathayum plan panni pananum okay!)

Recently we had a major version upgrade in our Healthcare project built using Ruby on Rails, We migrated from Rails 4.1.8 to 5.2.3 version,...
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Process is an Art in Agile

Software lets us bring new and innovative ideas to life easily. Today we use plenty of applications in our personal and work life. With...
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Galen Framework – Part 2

Today, lots of automation tools are available in the market for the various testing purpose like cross browser testing, Responsive testing, load testing etc.,...
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Load testing using JMeter

Load testing is to perform both normal and peak condition. The major purpose of load testing will help us to find our application performance...
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Capture Image with camera using Arduino & Ultrasonic

I have been in IOT space for quite few months and trying to integrate things with Arduino board, Recently I came across Ultrasonic sensor,...
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My Experience in IoT

The IoT field is interesting and many new technologies are being introduced by IoT engineers everyday. There are some projects which we cant even...
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