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Syed Irfaan

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Bidding has always been something that people frequently follow. It has become so popular that certain shows have been made keeping the kind of genre-based series in mind and they are quite a big hit as well. So when we talk about bidding there is no end to it because people bid on multiple things that can go from a few hundred to a couple of million. Apart from this, there are many more reasons why such a topic is quite interesting but we’ll get into it right away.

Listing of items a burden or not?

The process of listing items on a normal bidding medium that requires physical attendance can be quite high and the fees that they charge at the auction house can be quite high as well, which in turn affects the margin of profit that the seller expects to make. However, on the online platform, it is totally different, but why?

Firstly because most of the listing process is done online and the product will be verified through various online protocol mediums as well as external authentication agencies and the fees charged by online platforms is quite low so it allows the listing process to be more frequent and draws the attention of multiple sellers.

Are our payment processes as reliable as they seem?

The payment process is usually reliable as it allows you to use both mediums such as online payments or periodic payments or COD (Cash On Delivery). Taking some other variables into consideration there is also the possibility that it might not offer certain payment methods given because of the seller’s preferability hence the payment methods are also quite flexible when compared to an auction house.

Inventory and Stock Management without worries

This is quite a valid issue however the software or the application can be programmed in such a way that the objects that are being sold or being bid for are tagged with a serial number that is registered on the company system allowing it to be tracked.

As soon as this particular object/item is sold the inventory takes note of the following transaction and processes it and then reaches into the inventory database to change the details from available to sell. Apart from this, the software can also work in such a way that the item being sold has a serial number allowing further tracking for both the company and the user.

The blog makes it quite clear that the online bidding platforms are sure to dominate the sector and the use of auction houses will gradually but surely start to decline to allow space for the web browser applications to prosper. The reason why online bidding platforms would make an impact is because of the reducing auction cost and the fees that need to be paid not to mention the additional cost of entering the auction house itself. So no matter how we look at it bidding online-based platforms is a way to go.

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