Can Freshdesk Auto-Timer Diffuse A Time Bomb?

Vinothkumar S

1 min read

Freshworks and its major role in growing business is certainly a renowned phenomenon. It has grown bigger and bigger now with lot’s of customers all around the world. It has lot’s of features to handle and manage your business and one most important thing is the Time logs which has been introduced to make a note of the time that you have spent.

What does it do?

It is a simple time log feature that allows users to keep track of the time in which they spent. Let me keep it simple it’s nothing but a stopwatch. And later all the logs can be produced as reports.

What does the customer say?

Oops..!!, Forgot to start or stop a timer for a freshdesk ticket, feeling infuriating to log the timer manually every time, do you have many custom ticket status and facing difficulty to start and stop the timer based on it, forgot to set your time log as billable or non-billable, do your agents spend the time effectively?

Do we have any solution?

Yes, we have a one-stop solution for that. Our Auto Start timer will do all this for you. Leave your concerns away just spend 2 mins to install our app. Yes, of course, everyone knows the past cannot be changed, but with our Auto Start Timer app, your past is not past it’s actually safe as a record, you can retrieve it whenever you want.

How does it work?

  • The app will start or stop the timer automatically based on the freshdesk ticket status.
  • We will have an option to select your timer start and stop status with the billable or non-billable option, here the status is nothing but your ticket status.
  • Once your start status is set, and whenever you open a freshdesk ticket if it matches your start stat status the timer will be logged automatically.
  • And the timer will be stopped when you change your ticket status to your stop status.
  • Finally, you will get all your time reports under Freshdesk  -> Reports -> Agent Performance

Does it feel interesting for you? Have a look at our app at

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