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Retain Employees By Enhancing Their Potential

I recently attended a webinar on the recent hipped topic “Retain Employees by enhancing their potential” organized by Ascent Foundation and well presented by Purvi...
Akila S
3 min read

World Mental Health Day – with HealthSetGo

We attended the Youth Mental Health Summit on the occasion of World Mental Health Day. We had a valuable learning experience at the summit. Please watch the below video if...
Prabhu M
10 sec read

Welcome to Spritle’s Soft-Skill Club!

Hey Guys !!! We all might be dreaming to go back to college days where we had time to learn, fun and teach each...
Vellaimary C
1 min read

Share your site using Google Plus

This blog will help you to share some interest webpages with your friends using Google+ share functionality. Its very easy to add in your...
Prabu D
37 sec read