Employee Diaries-Chapter 2

Syed Irfaan

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So, just like a book, a company has many chapters. Just as excited to mention that this is the second chapter of this series. If you have not read the first chapter yet, you can read it now.

While they all look the same, each one is different. Some of them might have some thrills, some of them might have a heavy plot, and some of them might have a plot twist, but all of them are equally good.

Enough with the chapters, this blog is about our fellow colleague Ajithkumar PS, Web Developer of Spritle Software. In that case, let him take over and share his experience.

POV: Ajithkumar

Getting in

At first, an interview is scary because it reeks of anxiety, uncertainty, judgment, and a lot of doubt. This of course was not all. There was a lot more on my mind and this did not amount to even a small percentage of it.

However, this one was different. I did not feel that way at all, and the reason was probably because of the interviewer. This, of course, was followed by a round of questions which we quickly breezed over, and towards the end, after being impressed and drawn to by their receptiveness I went ahead with the recruitment process and got in.

Fitting in

Now step one was done, ok cool so what do I do? Now came the problem of belonging, and surprisingly it wasn’t as hard as I had expected. Sure the first few days went by with the basic orientation and formal exchange of greetings but soon I started to gel in with everyone. I managed to find my spot amongst all the people who worked with me and I found a lot of relatable and compatible people.

Guiding you the right way

If I were asked what really mattered to me, it would primarily be the time when I was guided by my fellow seniors. Siva Ganesh and Siva KB both helped me in the process of setting in by helping me when required and guiding me with all that I needed to do.

I recall a moment when I had an application downloaded but was looking at the screen like a clueless person wondering what to do. In came Siva KB to the rescue by setting up the right software all the way to guiding me as to how things have to be he watched over me and helped me in a lot of ways.

To the newest of memories

Something that I found really beautiful was the friendly atmosphere and the beautiful work culture of the company. This is because I found the employees of the company to be extremely easygoing and kind by helping out a fellow developer in times of need and difficulty.

So there you have it, it could have been better, it could have been worse but that didn’t matter cause I liked the way it was and I think nothing could have made it better.

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