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Usually, we see games that entertain an audience and sometimes we see games that are weirdly satisfying like those involving delicate touch and constant taping to relieve stress. Some games stimulate the brain and these games can be in different ways such as strategy-based games, games that test your IQ, games that are filled with complex puzzles, and so on.

One use case of Spritle is an application in coordination with Stanford University, where we developed Brain stimulating games for the users to play on their mobile or tablet. And guess what, we capture the brain data in a format that can be used for various research purposes.

Now coming to the various other games that are developed globally to improve brain activity, or just to entertain you during your boring times. Let us see what will be the pros & cons and how these games can be beneficial to the user world.


Brain games stimulate your intellect and allow your brain to play a major role unlike some games that are solely based on hand and eye coordination. Well, you can say that only with active brain signals your eyes & hands can co-ordinate. The games that stimulate the brain help people think out of the box, help them test their IQ, and allow them to witness virtual strategical games that show how practical their strategies are.

The effect that this game has in some scenarios is that it acts as a stimulation for the person allowing them to get a preview without actually causing any harm, at the same time allowing people to expand their thinking horizons.


While others view games as a potential obstacle for children, a few others do realize the impacts it helps in creating by easing the learning process by making it a digital, fun-filled learning process in the form of a game. Brain games’ primary goal is to allow people to think for themselves by giving practical situations, complex puzzles, word formation, and many more educational and challenging games. Apart from that, it allows the user to keep a record of their gradual development and growth.


While the conventional way of dealing with such means of education or imparting knowledge is considered inefficient and time-consuming, many have leaped to switch from the typical methods of teaching to a more fun-filled way.

Some companies have started to integrate brain games into their system to keep a student entertained while at the same time allowing them to gain valuable knowledge. Hence the objective of both entertainment and education is satisfied and the child does not doze off due to sheer boredom.

With that being said, it is clear that brain games are a good medium to share and impart knowledge but sometimes they might not be able to give you a clear in-depth view of certain things. This is obviously the real nature of a game so inserting too much knowledge makes it more of an educational app than a brain game-based one.

Therefore with all that being said, brain games are an innovative way in which knowledge is imparted while at the same time allowing them to temper their intellect allowing them to grow.

Hope this blog brought some knowledge about the brain games developed and still being developed & launched in the community. Not to mention, these games are also used by various healthcare professionals to use the data captured for their research or study.

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