Genomics and Personalized Medicine- the Beginning to the Current Stance

Surendran Sukumaran

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The study of genes is but a mystery to man, who created them? Why do they exist? And what purpose do they serve? While all these questions forever linger in our minds it doesn’t take long for one to understand they play a major role in the management and development of our body.

This being said one can’t understand its origins but it is not impossible for us to understand the role that it plays in the lives of us mere mortals.

Genomics is the study of genomes in other words information based inside a strand of DNA but has it not left you astounded that such a small, insignificant element in our body is one of the elemental things keeping our body in check? One way to understand the conceptual existence of genomes is by considering them to be libraries and the DNA is but a genome encyclopedia.

Now moving on to something that we call the DNA code that is essential for the construction of the proteins in our body. Much like how a blueprint is required to construct any sort of building structure or specific machinery. These codes are represented in the form of letters hence it is easy for one to understand.

A strand of DNA contains four main types of bases found called the ACGT.



The future of genomics is vast as there is always room for development and it is quite possible to create artificial genes possibly shortly. Although the process of doing that may be extremely exhausting and strenuous because it is a massive leap in terms of achievement.

As of today, some companies have started using genomics to track one’s family while others have started using theirs to certify the breed of animals and things like that.

While in the medical field Personalized Medicine is where the real treasure is. The use of making medicines/drugs that are meant to react in the right way with a particular person’s genes is one of the most beneficial ways as the medicine would be completely effective with no side effects.

So what is personalized medicine in layman’s terms? Would you like a particular food just because the people around you like it? No right. You have different preferences and taste buds and you stick with it. Similar to that, not a general medicine will be suitable for all.

PERSONALIZED MEDICINE is a now emerging medical practice where the genetic constitution of an individual is used and considered for the development of new drugs. As everyone knows, we do have different gene patterns that show different characteristics.

What if I say there are some people who take your gene samples, analyze them and use the data for the development of personalized drugs just for you, the drugs that can cure your ailments? Interesting right?

Let me give you a very simple real-life example that you can easily relate to. Consider all those diets that are available on the internet. You might have tried many of them but have you felt that none of them have had any effect on you, even after trying them for many months?

It is because you are different and the diet might not be suitable for your body type. So you do all your research on what will be suitable for you and get effective results. Applying the same concept, you can attain maximum results with a personalized treatment structure.

At the end of the day your health alone matters!

So in summary, Genes are the building blocks of our body and the gene code is the blueprint, a process that is unseen to the human eye. Personalized medicine, is the new revolution towards how health is perceived.

Hope the blog gives you a basic understanding of what genomes & genomics are. And also about personalized medicine and how it is going to bring about a revolution in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Visit the Spritle Software website to know more.

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