GitHub Client Written Using Rhodes

Surendran Sukumaran

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I am new to Rhodes, In Rhomobile landing page they have a quote saying “Use your web skills to write NATIVE apps once and build for ALL smartphones with” impressed me a lot.
Rhodes is a nice cross-platform language for web developers to write mobile native apps which includes(iPhone, Android, Blackberry).

Their docs is really cool , I started with the help of Rhomobile docs and now am able to write a decent mobile apps using Rhodes.
I managed to write an Github-cient application using Rhodes and the source is availabe at
This app shows just the public user info(repos, forked repos, following repos) authentication is not yet done.
Installing Rhodes is simple, Rhodes is a Ruby gem, just by saying gem install rhodes installs Rhodes in your machine.
Creating a new app using rhodes and those kind of basic things are also explained in the docs
Basically I am a Rails developer so Rhodes looks very familiar to me, It follows MVC architecture but the folder structure is not excatly like Rails.
In Rails model, view and controller are seperate folders but in Rhodes model, view and controller all are inside a single folder.
creating a model is similar to creating a scaffold in Rails which generates bunch of crud code for us.
The below command generates a folder called User inside the app folder.

$ rhodes model User name,age

The User folder contains
user_controller.rb -> controller
user.rb -> model

$ rake run:android

Opens up the Android emulator and lanches the application.
Rhodes has a ORM called Rhom something similar to ActiveRecord in Rails.
This is a nice tutorial which explains Rhom vs ActiveRecord, ID of Rhodes.

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