Great place to learn Scala

Karthik A K

38 sec read

Here at Spritle, we are building a Scala team. One of my assignments is to learn it and use frameworks like Play to build web apps and train generations of Sprites, and make them effective web engineers and Scala developers.

I did lot of Java code, but that was looooooong back, but after a romance with PHP and Ruby, Java was all forgotten. I choose this book ‘Scala in Action’ by Manning publications, but to my dismay it was quiet hard to learn from it. I think it assumes that you must be some kind of Java guru to do coding. All I wanted was a simple thing where I can learn about variable assignment, loops and OOPs implementation in Scala. After that I can build complex stuff by my own.
Thankfully I found this tutorial and it was quiet crisp and clear. Once you have gone through it, its better to take a look at official Scala tutorial here
Hopefully that will get you started with Scala. Good luck.

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