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With rumors that Ruby is outdated, Rails is irrelevant, and Ruby on Rails is dead, will hiring RoR developers become substantial for your web app development? That said, how effective is the RoR framework for developing web applications this year, and what should you keep in mind while looking for Ruby on Rails developers for your project? With leading companies like Zendesk, Shopify, etc., still using the RoR framework to power up their web apps, let’s figure out everything on how to hire RoR developers in this blog post. 

A Quick Leap Into Ruby on Rails: Covering Up the Basics

Since this blog is on how to hire RoR developers, we have to explore Ruby on Rails in a way it supports your quest to find your dedicated RoR team. As much as we know that Ruby on Rails is a popular framework we use to build and curate web applications, Ruby is not the same as Ruby on Rails.


Ruby is an open-source language for programming. It has a syntax that’s simple and easy to read and write. Being one of the best programming languages for website development, Ruby is one of the fastest, flexible, and consistent languages for developers.

Ruby on Rails

Launched in 2004, Ruby on Rails is an open-source web app development framework that makes web development effortless for developers. From in-build features to constant updates for maintaining performance, Ruby on Rails remains the most popular framework now!

The Features & Benefits of Implementing RoR Framework For Web App Development

Ruby on Rails has multiple features that contribute to its popularity and delivers several benefits to developers and companies that enhance their online presence using RoR. Some of the best features include:

Object-Relational Mapping(ORM)

ORM connects the objects with the tables in the relational database and eliminates the need to use SQL. 

Caching Mechanisms

These mechanisms eliminate the need for the requests to pass through the whole rails stack and allow the webserver to accomplish the requests for generated web pages. 

Templating Engines

Templating engines make it possible for data from your database to get used to creating web pages by using both HTML and Ruby! 

Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture

MVC is a design pattern made of three components in RoR for web app development. It separates business logic from presentation layers and gets used for creating user interfaces. 

Advantages of Implementing RoR Framework

Now, having seen the features, let’s explore the advantages of implementing the RoR Framework. Some of the benefits that make RoR one of the best choices to complete web app projects are as follows: 


With several open-source plugins that aid in extending functionality in an application, RoR has an extensive library. 


Having a community curated for years since the advent of Ruby on Rails, the active community gives complete support and keeps it up to date. 

Multiple Languages/ Flexibility in Using Languages

Since RoR facilitates the usage of multiple languages that don’t sabotage performance and scalability, it is highly advantageous for completing web app development projects. 


RoR includes documenting every change and therefore helps novice developers and others to learn things quickly. 

With the potential to give high scalability, security, user-centric development, and productivity, RoR delivers the best framework for web development. 

Now, readers, having seen enough about the RoR framework, let’s dive into the business of what you should know to onboard the best RoR developers for your web app project! 

RoR developers work as a part of an in-house team, as freelancers, or in an RoR development company. Therefore, here is how you should onboard them!

Hire RoR Development Company: What You Should Know?

The Convention over Configuration(CoC) approach facilitated through Ruby on Rails allows coders to focus more on code than configuration. Since, RoR works best for several web app projects like eCommerce platforms, MVPs(Minimum Viable Products), and many more, you must define your project goals before hiring RoR developers. Here is the list of things to remember while hiring a RoR development team for your project. 

Know Your Project Goals

RoR developers specialize in accomplishing several objectives like developing web apps, providing maintenance & support for web apps, initiating Rails version upgrades, and data migration for web apps. Therefore, defining your project goals before onboarding an RoR development team is crucial.

Size of the Team You Need

Every project has its own features and functionalities. Therefore, with the project’s complexity in mind, it’s crucial to determine the size of the team.  Now, readers, RoR developers could be a part of an in-house team or freelancers. Therefore, with these many choices left out to you, determine which will work best for you! 

Looking Into the Portfolio

Be it a freelance RoR developer or an in-house RoR development team, you have decided to hire, look into their portfolio to spot and analyze their technical expertise, credibility, certifications, etc., 

Narrowing Down The Cost

Working on a web development project and transforming it into a live application is a long journey and involves a lot of capital at every stage of the project. Therefore, finalizing the cost factors involved in your project is a must-do step while hiring an RoR developer’s team. 

Things To Consider While Hiring Offshore RoR Developers.

Every developer has their own specific skill sets and professional expertise, and the keener they are in keeping track of recent trends, effortless will be the developmental journey you decide to take with the team for your project. Therefore, screening each developer through an extensive interview process is crucial. Some of the must-check skills in a developer are as follows:

A thorough background check into the RoR developer’s profile

Tests their expertise in framework and language

Cross-check their perception of database systems,

The previous niche they worked on, and 

The Hands-on-activities they have worked on so far. 

Why Hire Spritle’s RoR Developers?

With more than 15+ years of experience in software development, we are a team of skilled developers always in quest of new projects. That said, when it comes to hiring RoR developers, we are stalwarts in it. Our RoR developers are highly experienced experts in crafting RoR solutions and will help you take a cost-effective approach to complete your projects. We ensure to offer our RoR development services with full-fletched maintenance and support. From listening to your needs and requirements to giving constant updates and reports on the status of your projects, we keep our RoR development services completely comprehensive and supportive. 

That said, our excelling team of RoR developers has worked on several RoR projects with top companies like Living Matrix, PureGenomics, Reach, etc., across the Globe, improving their online presence with our scalable RoR development services. Explore more about our services in the RoR domain here! 


So, readers! We hope you have built a complete picture of how RoR sets out to rule the world of web app development through this blog. Now, if you have a project in mind that needs the insights and expertise of an outstanding team of RoR developers, don’t forget to reach out to us!

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