How the distance connected us together

Dhivya M

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Hello All 🙂 

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe in this pandemic and waiting for the normal days. Having our fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

I’m here to just share how we connected together with our Secondary family members (Colleagues) during this lock-down.

We are happy to introduce our Spritle’s culture-building team ‘Happiness Makers’. Recently we conducted a fun event ‘Spritle Challenge’ virtually.

I must say this, the participated people enjoyed and posted their challenges with great spirit.

I know.. I know.. Your mind voices will be.. What fun event? What challenge? OMG, what she is talking about.

Let me clear you all, how we have conducted the event and what challenges were on the list.

Happiness Makers team came up with around 30 challenges and some rules. Those are for your view

Activities / Challenges
Take a selfie in outside sceneries and share 
Sing **Kutty story song** (Record your own voice) and share
Share your cooking video (a few seconds)
Draw a cartoon character on your own and send the picture
Dance with your kid and send video(few seconds)
Send a selfie with your mom
Record your fav cinema dialogue with your own voice and share
Makeup on your own like Halloween and send a snap
Send a picture of yours in the fav place of your house and a few lines about why that place is your fav.
Say one thirukkural and its meaning and share the voice.
If you get a position of Balaji what are the changes will you do in office?
If you want to go for a lunch date with a person in our office then who is that and why?
Share your fav food, colour, place, hobby, person.
Create a meme about a person in our office(but should not hurt them just for fun)
Do Plank for 40secs and send a video
Try the gibberish game in Instagram and send the video
Share what you liked in this lockdown period
Share what you don’t like in this lockdown period
Perform one of Vadivelu comedy and share
Tell 9th multiplication table descending order and share
After lockdown which is the first place you will visit and why
In this lockdown period what are things you are missing a lot
Tell us about close 3 friends in the office
Which is your favourite vehicle and give an explanation of why that is favourite
Please reveal the nicknames of Spritle people
Tell us one of your best memory with Spritle
Share your 10 years challenge picture/ childhood picture
Share a few interesting facts about technologies
Things you like/love about our office.

Instructions to be followed while nominating:

  • Each should nominate only one person.
  • Self-nomination is not allowed.
  • Each challenge can be used only twice, not more than that.
  • Everyone needs to do the challenge on the weekend and should post the audio/video on Monday within 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM in Spritle India group.

We all were connected through google meet and nominated our friends for the challenge on Friday. The challenges must be made on the weekend and you know what happened off the screen one person asked his wife to put on Halloween makeup, one person nudged for his mom’s help to make the recipe, many asked their mom’s to pose for the selfie’s, Finally, everybody posted their challenges on Monday. 

The happiness makers team announced that the best/star performer will be awarded the ravishing title.

Here is the glimpse of our event.

We are happy to announce the title winner and runner now with the Amazon coupons 1st place and 2nd place.

And the ‘Lockdown Labakdas’ title goes to the winner Mr Achyuth bags the gift voucher.

The runner of the spritle challenge and the title ‘You too one actor da’ goes to none other than Halloween Mr Jeev bags the gift voucher too.

We are looking forward to more events to be conducted by the Happiness makers team.

If you people like the way we connected then what’s the big deal to try with your colleagues. What are you waiting for??? Go, set the stage on fire. Have fun and have connected.

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