Is Daily Stand-up necessary for an Agile project?

Vinodini Visvanathan

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Agile development team would have come across this word “Stand up ” daily in their life. Yes stand up is the first thing of the day before we start the work. And now what is this stand up and is it really important for the quality of the project ?. Here are my thoughts on how we do it to improve our project process and quality.
1. First thing first: Time. Fix a time for stand up meeting. For my project it is 10am sharp
2.Who should attend the standup?
Everyone in a team must attend it. No excuse.
3.Can someone attend stand up from their work place itself?
Firstly, an Agile team for a given project always sit in a single room and so the standup happens in that room itself. If you team members happen to sitting in different room, you got to call them to come to a single point of place and conduct the stand up.
Tip : A typical standup happens, by people standing in a circle formation that helps to communicate with everyone and see everyone face.
4. What should be discussed?
There are three must addressable items in stand up, they are:

  • What I have done yesterday?
  • What I am going to do today?
  • If any difficulties faced or you think you gonna face today. you can say it as the third thing.

The above three items for each individual should be discussed when their turn comes.
5.How long should the stand up go?
Mmmm.. Not more than 5 to 15 minutes. Yes if any items need to discussed deeper it should be after the stand up with the concern persons.
Daily Scrum Meeting aka 15 minute Standup Meeting
6.If someone is late in the team for day, should the stand up meeting be postponed?
No. Dont postpone it. It will affect the productivity and rhythm if you postpone. If the team member is not available for that time then any one of the team member can update them with the stand-up discussion.
How the stand up helps to improve the quality of our project:

  • Clear focus on what team is working on.
  • Everyone in the team are in same track.
  • Getting clarifications at single point of contact.
  • Unify the team.

Other benefits I felt was:

  • You can suggest ideas.
  • Can learn about more ideas and so on

Stand up helps you to build you and your team projects skills. Daily stand-up will energize you in the morning so that you can start your day well organized. Keep practicing and have a great team unity.
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