It’s Earthquake at Spritle’s Soft-Skill Club


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Hey guys !!!

Another week came with another meeting at Spritle’s soft-skill club. After two interesting topics Time Travel and Christmas, this week Team C selected a beautiful and realistic topic “Nature and Natural Calamities“. As usual other team members picked up their corresponding roles.

Theme Speech by Vellaimary: Nature and Natural Calamities

Vellaimary from Team C started her speech about Nature. She shared her life experiences with Nature during her childhood days. She talked about her school excursion to Ooty and how she admired with beautiful nature there. She likes beaches and collecting seashells there. Also shared one funny incident happened at the time of collecting seashells during her childhood days.

We can find very beautiful and attractive things in Nature. At the same time, we can also find Natural calamities like Tsunami, Earthquakes etc. Here Vellaimary narrated her real-life experiences with earthquakes at her native place in 2002 and 2012.

Prepared Speech by Boobalan: How to learn faster?

He shared his thoughts about learning in a faster way. For Fast learning, we need to follow these 4 steps.

  1. Learn
  2. Reflect
  3. Implement
  4. Share

Prepared Speech by Siva Ganesh: Importance of StackOverflow Account

He reported the importance of StackOverflow account for a developer. StackOverflow is a website where we can ask our questions related to coding and we can get solutions from other developers. We can also get points whenever our question is upvoted.

Also, we can track our overall work experience and activities in this website in graphical format. It is very useful for the developer to have an account in StackOverflow website.

Prepared Speech by Keerthana: Interesting Story behind Zomato app

Most of the people daily using Zomato app for food ordering. But they don’t know the story behind it. Keerthana shared this story as two colleagues Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah noticed that the people are wasting more time while checking the paper menu at the restaurants at lunchtime.

They found a solution for that by putting all the restaurant menu cards at a single place. so before going to a restaurant only the customer can select their item and can order directly at the restaurant. They developed one website and put all the menu cards in it. In July 2008 it is established as Foodiebay. Later it is renamed as Zomato.

Table Topic Master: Rajeswari asked some interesting questions to other team members about the theme of the day.

Listening Master: Hari Shankar asked some questions related to Theme speech and Prepared speeches.

RolesMember Name
Book Reading 
(The power of subconscious mind –
Dr.Joseph Murphy)
Lakshmi Priya
TimerS Venkatesh
Photo masterSaravana Kumar
Ah CounterRamya
General EvaluatorSudhakar
Individual Evaluator – 1Karthick Nagarajan
Individual Evaluator – 2Dhivya
Individual Evaluator – 3Sathya Priya
GuestJeev Robinson

Our Individual evaluators gave some suggestions to the prepared speakers. Grammarian suggested some grammar and tense corrections. All the team members played their roles very well. We are eagerly waiting for the next week’s meeting.

If you are also doing any such exciting programs in your office, share your experiences in the comments section.

Have a good day 🙂

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