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In today’s LifeStyle, we are running behind Technology and the necessity of humans to live in the World. Now, it’s time for us to hold for some time and to realize some of the things we really missed to do in our lifetime because of our busy schedule. Here comes Team B with a very interesting theme “Things to do in a lifetime”.

That was a great meeting, I should say. The first theme speaker of the day was Dhivya who kickstarted the session with the question “What is your bucket list ?” to each one from the team and made the session connected. Some of them shared crazy answers like (“Need to reduce weight”, “Travel often”, “To become an astronaut”, “To visit Paris”, “To become an entrepreneur within 5 years”, “To watch more movies in the weekend”, “To fulfill family needs” etc.). She gave few more bucket list things to add in their list and those were :

  • Traveling around the World.
  • Learning a New Language.
  • Achieving our ideal weight.
  • Going scuba diving & experiencing marine life closer.
  • Doing an extreme sport.
  • Performing a kind deed without expecting anything in return, and many more.

Our icebreaker Speaker Sathya Priya came up with a beautiful festival as a topic. Our very own festival “PONGAL”. Pongal is considered a harvesting festival in South India, especially in Tamilnadu. People will celebrate the festival in a very grand manner. It is the time to celebrate the Pongal, she gave her speech on Pongal and how she celebrated her Pongal 2020.

She shared a few important things about Pongal:

  • Pongal is the harvest festival of South India
  • The celebration lasts for 4 days and it falls in the middle of January every year.
  • The farmer cultivates the land depends on his cattle, timely rain and the Sun.
  • Four types of Pongal (Bhogi Pongal, Thai Pongal, Mattu Pongal, and Kaanum Pongal).

Even she showed us a few pictures of her Pongal celebration held at her native. Those were lively and made us feel the same.

Followed by the second theme speaker of the day Thilagavathi took us into the life of World famous pop singer, the one and only Micheal Jackson. That was an amazing share and she shared the bucket list of him and how he starved because of the bucket list items in his life. She created awareness among us while sculpting our bucket list what are the things we need have in our mind and what not to.

Some of the crazy bucket list items of  Micheal Jackson were :

  • To maintain a Zoo inside his home.
  • To Live for 150 years.

The next icebreaker speech was by Raman. He made us feel our childhood days by sharing a short moral story related to `Tom and Jerry’. The story happened in a grocery shop around mice, grocer, and cats. It was very interesting and he concluded with a moral as “Empty solutions are of no worth”.

Sudhakar was the other icebreaker speaker. He shared his unforgettable college day memories, most of us were able to recollect our colorful college days. He also shared the traveling memories from his home to the college by bus etc.,

Table topic master Vishnupriya shot a few questions among the group like

  1. What if you were to die tomorrow? 
  2. What would you wish you could do before you die?
  3. What would you do if you have unlimited time, money & resources?

By hearing these questions every one of us was giggling and started answering her questions randomly, which made the topic really interesting.

Roles of other team members:

Team A

AchyuthAh- counter
VenkateshIndividual evaluator for Sudhakar
RamyaIndividual evaluator for Sathya Priya
Lakshmi PriyaGeneral evaluator
SaravanaIndividual evaluator for Raman

Team C

RajeswariListening master
KeerthanaTime Tracker
VellaimaryBook reading and word of the day
BoobalanAttendance Tracker and Photo master

That sums up our last week’s meetup. See you in the next one 🙂

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