Languages supported by google voice to text service and how reliable are they?

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Google Voice is supported by multiple different languages but that being said some things may occur once in a while that could make you doubt its reliability. However, this is not due to an error, rather it is because certain languages have particular and specific pronunciations. Hence this could cause the voice assistant to give a response that is not based on the conversation.

Now, the languages supported by the system are based on those that are spoken globally or are specific to one particular region or area. For example, in Tamil Nadu the popular language is Tamil or in the case of Mumbai it’s Marathi or Hindi and likewise. Places, where a majority of the people speak the same language, are usually given that as their language of choice while using google voice.

The flaw, is there one?

The possibility that there might be a flaw in the algorithm of the voice assistant is not impossible however considering the sole aspect of languages there are times that things could take a flip.

In our previous blogs we spoke about how dialects could cause complications well in this case there could be a difference in accent or different ways that proper nouns can be pronounced. This complication can be avoided by using the text box to input the particular sentence or phrase one wants to look up or wants to convey.

The reliability is not in question as it was one of the first few voice assistants that managed to leave a mark on the world and the software keeps gradually improving. however, it can give responses that are not 100% relevant. More than factor reliability it’s moreover a question of the inability to show differences for the various accent and dialects and this can be rectified via using the text service.

Is text service reliable, duh? Yes, the questions put forth in the voice service are considered to be typed out by the person so if the person in question types out something that does not have a valid response then the fault is on the fellow user. On the other hand, there are scenarios where the text service could crash and cause issues such as improper results or various other issues such as the wrong display of information.

Hence the odds of the voice service making an error or showing any signs of unreliability is unlikely but it is not something that can ever happen. so overall considering all the possibilities the reliability of the voice service is there.

So that’s that. In clear conclusion, the following errors can occur by a simple misspelling or a different word that means a different thing in a different language or the possibility that the responses that we expect are not received.

This, on the other hand, does not make the languages of the google voice service unreliable rather it is a bit of an issue that most Voice assistants face and a solution is underway. Hence the reliability of the google voice and text services based on the language is completely reliable.

Hope the blog would have given you basic knowledge about google voice text service. Let us all meet again in another informative blog, until then it’s a wrap.

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