Pros and cons of Web Applications and Web Browser Applications


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Stating the obvious we know that although they sound quite similar they are not. The given reason for this can be a very simple one and that is because one requires a browser while the other can be accessed in the form of an application. Now it would be ideal if these things were better explained before jumping deeper into the blog so that it would avoid you from falling into a loophole of confusion.

So advantages of web browser applications huh?

So the uses of web browsers are pretty common and are used pretty often hence the need for applications that are supported by them. This does not change irrelevant of the fact whether it is custom or not because web browser applications are the very foundation. They do not need to be stored too.

A web browser application also has a wide base of access as it scourges the entire internet for solutions with regards to any issue whereas, in contrast, web applications only have a limited amount of functions. These web browser applications take up very little space and can speed up the search process in multiple ways.

One such way is by the implementation of the extension library that allows instant access to the files, such as books, music, docs, and various other files that need to be accessed. As a bonus, it does come with basic security essentials and does allow the auto-fill feature that will fill in the following based on previous searches making it convenient for the fellow user.

The slight “ouch” moment…

Well, it’s a given that with benefits come drawbacks and like every good thing, there is a contrasting bad thing as well be the case in this particular situation too. Given that web browser applications are useful and have been around for a while that does not mean that they are completely expendable. The drawbacks include certain factors such as heavy data and RAM consumption and collection of data that is processed by the user or data of the user that might not be the complete necessity of the company.

These two are major factors that affect the overall good reputation of these web browser applications and that’s not all. They also produce Ad pop-ups and various plugins that cause significant lag and can make a system experience significant output issues leading to a complete crash.

Webs apps give you a run for your money!

Web applications have a significant impact due to the ease of access that they provide the user while doing all the potential tasks that need to be done. The greatest benefits of these web applications are that they are constantly provided with updates that make them get better and show us a clear progressive output.

Web applications can be accessed on any platform meaning tablets, and desktops regardless of the OS without any issues. These web applications are easy to set up and access meaning they make things way easier for fellow users who don’t need to undergo a strenuous process.

They also help ensure that the data provided is minimal and secure without any leakage of information. Above all this, it does not have much of any software compatibility or hardware compatibility issues hence making it a complete win-win.

“Ah but the flaws, ah”

Although web apps have a fair share of benefits they also have flaws that make them occasionally cause issues given a situation where the internet is not as receptive then the application will also cause a hindrance. The speed of the app will solely depend on the bandwidth seed and will slow down if it is hosted on a local server.

Apart from these others are obvious issues such as:

  1. Availability of the application.
  2. Dependency of the application on the web.
  3. Safety and security issues.
  4. Speed declines due to the size.

To draw the line,

It is safe for us to assume that they both have their fair share of benefits and flaws and that’s a given considering they both are widely used and are equally considered important by the fellow user or the software community that finds their access a necessity.

Hope this blog would have given you a fair idea of the pros and cons of web applications and web browser version applications. We will be back with more blogs like these. Until then, keep expecting the best from us as always.

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