Sachin, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli visited our Spritle’s soft skill club

Dhivya M

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Hey Guys! I hope the title makes you keen on reading this blog.

Of course, I know everybody wants to meet CRICKET’S God Fathers’ and each will have their own favourite.

Come let’s get into the blog to know more about what happened in Spritle’s soft skill club? And you will get your question answered. Are the players really visited the club?

A Successful fourth meet was started with everyone’s favourite sport CRICKET as a theme. Achyuth was the opening batsman came up with a sixer in the first ball. 

I know…I know…. Your question will be What??

I meant he was the theme speaker of the day and shared about the history of cricket then follows with the origin of the cricket bat, Women’s cricket etc.,

Sathish came with a bang! As an icebreaker speaker. He shared his life experience with a lot of added humour and emotions.

And followed by the Man of the Match- Venkatesh came with a funny question ‘Who am I from your point of view’? He got few funny answers too 🙂 Naughty, talkative and mischievous. 

He gave us a wonderful speech  no…no…He entertained us with his very own humorous sense and new words. It was a very good speech and happy to see him as a developed speaker and made use of the Spritle soft skill club to equip himself. He entertained us with his very own humorous sense and new words.

It was a very good speech by him. We are proud that our Spritle Soft Skill club equipped him to improvise his communication to the next level. We believe that it would build a spark to refine the communication level of the participants too.

The match will not happen without the bowler. Here comes our Spritle’s Bumrah- Saravanakumar took over the session and spoke about the techniques of batting and bowling.

He gave a few tips for the audience too. It will help us to watch the match more interestingly in future.

Our WicketKeeper- Lakshmi Priya almost took all the wickets by asking a few questions from the session. She carried her role(Table Topic Master) very well and made everyone to speak out without fear. I personally thank her for the effort she made to make the session interactive. Thanks, Lakshmi Priya(LP).

Next, our Umpires- Harishankar & Keerthana as individual evaluators evaluated the icebreaker speakers with useful tips to improve themselves in upcoming speeches.

Then our Third Umpire-VellaiMary as Grammarian gave her feedback, corrected the grammatical errors made by the speakers.

Last but importantly as a silent Audience-Sudhakar took the Listening master role came with few questions and made a good show.

As a Big Fan -Siva Ganesh(General Evaluator) evaluated the full match(meet) and delivered his feedback on comprehensive things happened for the day.

We all discussed our favourite and important players of INDIAN TEAM and that’s how Sachin, MS Dhoni, Virat and all Indian players visited our Soft skill club. BLEED BLUE 🙂

Spritle Soft Skill Team Players

Players NameRoles
BoopalanAh counter
ThilagavathiWord of the day
DhivyaMinutes of the meeting
Sathya PriyaTimer
KarthickPhoto master

Thank you guys for the quick look into the blog. We are looking forward to the upcoming interesting sessions ahead and will keep you posted the same.

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