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Calling Apache FOP from VB.NET

The vb.net code for my earlier post on this topic.
Balaji D Loganathan
26 sec read

Using JFreeChart in .NET – Help me to make…

I am trying to use Jfreechart in .NET and I need someone to help me to get ride of issue. If you have some free...
Balaji D Loganathan
3 min read

The project location is not fully trusted by .NET

While using MS Infopath 2003 with VS.NET 2003...
Balaji D Loganathan
32 sec read

My article on webservices got published in Javaranch…

Using Complex Types in Web Services
Balaji D Loganathan
13 sec read

Calling ApacheFOP from .NET

A simple way to call or use Apache FOP from a C# or VB.NET.
Balaji D Loganathan
1 min read