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20 years of ManageEngine. Why don’t I clone it

A few years ago we started working with ManageEngine and successfully implemented it for one of the famous and busiest Airports in South Asia....
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A Much Better Way To Backup GitLab to AWS S3

Like many of you, we also use the self-hosted version of GitLab CE and it is one of the BEST open source software written...
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330rd Session: Face Detection Using OpenCV. #spriteXchange

Face ID, Face Detection, Face Unlock - These are the most discussed and controversial topics in the Neural Networks field. Even Google struggling with...
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May Month Chennai-JS Meetup Will Be Hosted By Spritle Software

The official announcement can be found at Chennai-JS Two of our staffs (Abilash and Prabakaran) will be talking at this meet-up.
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Export PDF or HTML from help you to design, prototype, document and test APIs collaboratively as a team. If you ever want to share the API documentation with...
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Handle ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound More Beautifully

Most of us usually handle the Active Record Not Found error in ApplicationController and then redirect it to a generic view page. I found...
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Tips: Reduce First Page Loading Time After git-deploy

Add the curl -v -sS 2>&1 >/dev/null | grep '>' | cut -c1-2 --complement to deploy/restart. It will hit the server just after...
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git-deploy – Perl: warning: Setting locale failed.

If you get the error perl: warning: Setting locale failed. perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:, you can fix it by adding...
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git-deploy – Fix for /usr/bin/env: ruby: No such file or directory

If you use git-deploy with rvm and if you face the error /usr/bin/env: ruby: No such file or directory then here is the quick...
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spriteXchange Sessions on Wireshark and Growing Rails Apps in Practice

Tomorrow we got our next spriteXchange Sessions on Wireshark and Growing Rails Apps in Practice. We got few seats open for visitors as well....
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Protect Ubuntu 12.10 From Bash Vulnerability

You will find lots of solutions for latest Ubuntu (14.xx) and for Ubuntu LTS versions like 10.04, 12.04, and 14.04, but for 12.10, a...
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Book Review: Transform Your Habits

Name: Transform Your Habits Author: James Clear Link: I came across this great book when I was browsing through “TheNextWeb“.
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