Book Review: Transform Your Habits

Balaji D Loganathan

1 min read

Name: Transform Your Habits
Author: James Clear
I came across this great book when I was browsing through “TheNextWeb“.


Fascinated by his approach on achieving new habits and goals, I presented it as a topic in our weekly knowledge sharing session (fondly called as SpriteXchange).
The examples (or tips) citied by the Author helped me to easily illustrate it to the audience and it provoked some thought process among us.
We eventually started sharing what habit we want to change and possible steps we will take for it. A colleague of us already started picking a small habit and made it as a practice. The entire credits goes to the author, James Clear.
One tip the author gives is to pick a habit that is very, very tiny and easy to accomplish. The more easy it is the more chance you will bring it in to practice. So, the tiniest step that gets you moving in the right direction is the first mini-goal you use to form a habit.
This book also comes with lots of practical examples like how we can try to change our environment to achieve our goal. Have our friends/colleagues as supporter to motivate us. How we can make small and big changes in your life without overwhelming yourself.
I particularly liked the reward based approach as we all like to get rewards for what for accomplishment. I also liked the fact that if you tend to set your goal by expecting someone will always appreciate your accomplishments, then it is bound to fail. Self motivation and self reward is more important than expecting it from others.
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