Gem swift_db introduction

Prasath Ram

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This blog explains the fundamentals of the gem that I am working on swift_db
I named this swift coz i need some something which performs faster
Swift DB is a lightweight and clean in-memory Distributed Database written in pure ruby. It can also be used as a new distributed datastructure(B+ Tree) in ruby.Installation:

via Ruby Gem: gem install swift_db
via Github:

  • Stores Data in a Inmemory (B+ tree) Datastructure
  • Executes Various kinds of queries(Provides variety of range search)
  • Supports RegEx Search
  • Returns Result using Table.rb Object model.

[source language=”ruby”]
require ‘rubygems’
require ‘swift_db’
include Db::Core
person = #Where 3 is the Node Structure The minimum you give the better the performance but takes some memoryh
person.insert(1, “Michael Ken”)
person.insert(2, “John Key”)
person.insert(3, “stacy”)
#For Searching: => [“Michael Ken”] #Fetches Person With primary key 1, DB::Core::Common::Comparison::

LT) => [“Michael Ken”, “John Key”] #Fetches Person whose primary key lesser than 3, DB::Core::Common::Comparison::GT) => [“stacy”] #Fetches Person whose primary key greater than 2, DB::Core::Common::Comparison::NEQ) => [“Michael Ken”, “John Key”] #Fetches Person whose primary key not equal to
You can find the source code on
and the gem at

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