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My Testing Experience with Healthcare Project

Hi Folks, I am working on a healthcare related web application. I would like to share few interesting things that I came across while...
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How effective the QA process can be?

Hi All. I am a test engineer with around 2 years of experience. As a QA person, I am more concerned about delivering a...
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Is Web Analytics Oversold ?

Web Analytics is a universal term, which deals with the study of the impact of a website based on its users. It is the...
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Things I learned in VodQA- Spot for QA – June Session

I got an opportunity to participate in VodQA meetup conducted by Thoughtworks, Chennai on June 23, 2016. It was a meetup meant for QA...
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Apache Storm

Internal Working of Apache Storm What is Apache Storm ? Apache Storm is one of the best distributed framework for real time processing of...
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