Things I learned in VodQA- Spot for QA – June Session

Ashwin Sundarabaskar

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I got an opportunity to participate in VodQA meetup conducted by Thoughtworks, Chennai on June 23, 2016. It was a meetup meant for QA people. So I would like to share few things that I learned in the meetup.
Deliver Anything Anywhere Anytime by Poornima Sarangapani, Thoughtworks

  • Difference between continuous deployment and continuous delivery.
  • Importance of delivering each and every feature once developed and tested.
  • Downtime must be eliminated during continuous delivery.
  • Pre-prod environment should be developed similar to production environment. All the features should be tested in pre-prod environment before moving to production release.
  • Test pyramid formula is an essence for testing. N number of Unit testing, Integration testing and UI testing should be carried out before moving to production.
  • We must be able to rollback to the old feature when we face any issue after deployment of a new feature.
  • Eventhough we had N number of automation tests, testing by manual should be given high priority before production release.
  • Continuous deployment is done by automation whereas continuous delivery is done or executed by human.

Capybara- Web App Testing by Vinodini Visvanathan, Spritle Software

  • Introduction to Capybara.
  • How easy to use it.
  • No need to use wait or sleep for it.
  • easy and tester friendly DSL.
  • DSL with examples.

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Currently I am working on a HealthCare project for which I do lots of manual testing. As the number of features kept increasing, time consumption for testing also increases. I started writing rspec using Capybara. It helps me to test each and every feature in a easier way. This automated tool allows me to debug step by step with its powerful screenshot feature which in turn saves my time in debugging process. I could run N number of specs for N number of features. It also helps me to use headless browsers. It supports xpath, css and jQuery. Installation of Capybara is so easy. I can interact with my app easily more than I imagined. I personally feel this automated tool more effective since my project includes many Input Forms to be tested.
Agile Game by Cheitanya Udatha Bhargavi, Thoughtworks
The game was entirely about

  • Requirement gathering from the client
  • Proper planning
  • Interaction with the project management
  • Team collaboration
  • Time management

All talks are very impressive. I could get some idea on how to make my way of testing more easier and do it in a better way. Also I have learnt what are all the things essential to run my project in most successful and effective bug free manner. I am eagerly waiting to hear about the upcoming QA event for the month of July.

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  1. Nicely written and you remembered almost all the points discussed in the session.

  2. @akhilesh nuwal : the presentations will be in vodqa site , we will try for streaming and posting the videos going forward from next vodqa. Thanks for the blog ashwin

  3. @Arvind Srinivasan : Thank you. I am eagerly waiting for the upcoming session.

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