330rd Session: Face Detection Using OpenCV. #spriteXchange

Balaji D Loganathan

44 sec read

Face ID, Face Detection, Face Unlock – These are the most discussed and controversial topics in the Neural Networks field. Even Google is struggling with pixel 4. And Apple captures accurate face data by projecting & analyzing over 30,000 invisible infrared dots.

Got rolling heads? Even most of us were had the same problem until we attended a session today.

Our developer Karthick has set our understanding great with Face detection and recognition process.

Summing it up together, this week’s spriteXchange was presented by Karthick Nagarajan. He walked us through the lifecycle of Face detection and recognition along with a fantastic live demo.

Face detection presentation photos

Karthick discussed the following topics with us.

  • What is Face Detection?
  • Detecting Faces (Viola Jones Algorithm)
  • Computer vision tools and libraries
  • Introduction to OpenCV
  • What is Numpy and how it is used in the process?
  • Training Steps using simple Python scripts and Google Vision API
  • Ending note with a brilliant demo

Overall, it was a happy day for us knowing about the things which we were confused about. And Karthick is ready to kickstart much more interesting pieces of stuff with this as a start.

Wanted to know more? Please feel free to comment below or drop an email at info@wp.spritle.com

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