The Best Ways to Find a Software Development Vendor Part 2

Prabhu M

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The key to finding a software development vendor was previously discussed in the part one blog, but there is much more to that. The previous blog gave a rough overview of what was needed to sort out and choose the best, but where do you go from there? How do you choose the best for you from the best there is?

Well, the answer to that question is coming right to you.

Quality over Quantity

A company that has many workers, while being reputed doesn’t mean that they are very good at what they do. At the same time, a company that has a small group of employees does not always have bad outcomes. That’s one valid point but to delve further, the company would have to be broken down as to the number of projects that they have worked on in that particular issue that you plan to solve or if they have any solution that can even remotely be similar.

This is a definite vital step in the process of choosing a Software Vendor.

Time equals Money

A company that manages to give out solutions after a sword is drawn out is bound to have countless flaws and multiple bugs. If that’s not the case then there is a vague possibility that they have an exceptional team that can churn out solutions like a slot machine.

However, such cases seldom happen in reality and we are forced to consider quick products as a solution that might not always be the best choice, and delayed products are not always good either but if you followed the first step then the others would make more sense wouldn’t it?

Quick calls can fix it all

A company that responds fast can usually be considered to be a well-managed one but in some scenarios, it might just be a desperate company that is hungry for projects so that it can break even with its costs. Sometimes these companies give you good results but it’s always better to view the first 2 points before jumping to a conclusion.

The clear choice would be to choose a company that matches all your criteria and then responds as soon as possible. The important reason is that in the future when such a thing happens, in support cases for example, then the company would respond fast and there would be a low chance of it escalating into a bigger situation.

Finally, Experience is Key

The last decision that has to be made is based on how long the company has existed. This does not mean that a new company is not worth a shot but the older ones know the challenges and the risks a bit better.

This helps because the company knows all the challenges of developing complex solutions and can offer their foresight as to how it can be made better without any extra cost of hiring a consultant or asking their business consultant to handle the entire process that would bring on for a while, which would also cause the solution development to be delayed.

With that, we conclude this blog. The next time you search for a software development vendor, do not forget to keep these points in mind and then screen the suitable vendor for your expectations/ requirements.

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