Top New Products I came across in Internet of Things


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Embedded system is making significant improvements to our life and in particular when it is integrated with WiFi/Bluetooth and other data transmissions.
It soon going to be part of us. As you all know people cannot live without their smartphones.
Our company started spending lots of efforts in identifying the changes happening in this field and we are soon gonna make some big announcements about it. In the mean time, lets see the top 5 new products that I came across and what I liked in them.

1. Peres – The Electronic Nose:

Likes: Smart way protection from food poisoning. Provides Developer guides.
Cons: I wish the DevKit is much more cheaper to start with.

2. Myo – Gesture Control Armband:

Likes: Amazing gesture control. Decent price with Developer kit.
Cons: Developer Kit will be coming soon :(.

3. Ninja Blocks – Talk with Sensors:

Ninja Blocks
Likes: It supports various type of sensors that is Motion, Humidity, Distance. It is open source hardware and provides RESTful API :). A Ruby API is also available with OAuth.
Cons: Now out of stock. I wish it will reopen soon.

4. ReconJet – The World’s Most Advanced Wearable Computer :

Likes: Live updating with social application and connecting with third party devices via WiFi or Bluetooth. We can build more native applications using their API or SDK.

5. Sphero Robots – Change the way to Play:

Likes: Funniest toy with amazing speed and ease to control with Android and iOS. Sphero 2.0 is now available on Windows Phone 8 and Windows Mobile.
Keep an eye out. We are researching more about IoT productions. You’ll see them in coming blogs! 🙂

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