UnPacking Chrome OS Stick and Play It on HDMI TV

Sathyapriya S

43 sec read

Recently our company bought AXUS Chromebit for one of our digital signage project and here is what it looked when I unpacked it to play with our LED TV.

Axus ChromeBit can be used for running Chrome apps and it comes with Chrome browser as well. The best part is it got Chrome apps support. with Chrome apps, you get to enjoy the maintainable app deployment and distribution, something that is very much required for digital signage World.
Here is the snapshot of the box that I just unpacked.
The unpacked Chromebit got an one end with HDMI port along with a protection cap. The whole stick can be connected to a HDMI monitor or TV.
Here is the snapshot of the HDMI Chromebit connected to the LED TV.
It got to be hooked to a power source which I feel is a down-side of the product.
Once the easy wizard like setup is made, it will display the login page.
Here is the snapshot of the login page and you have to use your Google Gamil Account to login. The good part is you can access wifi settings before you can sign-in.
and here is the final snapshot showing the Chrome apps.

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