Warning: Amazing Freshworks marketplace apps will make your jaw-drop

Dhivya M

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Heck! Yes, it happened. I have fallen for the gorgeous apps we built for Freshworks marketplace made me compose this blog.

We have created no..no…! Sculpted nearly 120 apps, Can you believe? it’s not just 10 or 20 it’s 120 apps and I just admire few apps out of it.

Come with me, I will make you all let know what abracadabra!! magic those apps can do to make our clients feel painless.

Here comes my 1st personal favourite ‘Attachment Manager’. 

What it will do? It will fetch all the attachments of a ticket on the ticket details page at the right corner of the page named app widget in Freshdesk.


I know your mind’s voice is like, is this magic? Hmmm, it’s quite common thought only I agree.

Okay, then could you please imagine, if a ticket has more than 100’s of conversations with the attachments and needs to take all the attachments for business purposes, now think of the agents’ situation. 

They will be in the limelight and chances to go crazy to fetch the attachments one by one and it will kill their time. 

Here comes our very own ‘ATTACHMENT MANAGER’ as a pain reliever for the agents. It will fetch all the attachments of tickets and conversations’ attachments at a single place i.e., App widget. 

This is how it does the magic and made me jaw-drop.

Next is my all-time favourite ‘Playstore integration

Well here definitely, I need to ask you all this silly question who are all not using Playstore in this era? 

Your answers’ will be ugh! what is the question first of all? Nobody can live without Playstore nowadays. Yeah! You are right and that’s the reason we created the Playstore integration app. 

Then you may question, yes Playstore plays a vital role in everyone’s day to day life but what is the necessity to integrate Playstore with Freshdesk? 

Let me spell out the use of our Playstore integration. If you are having your own app for various purposes in Playstore and your customers are getting benefits out of it. 

Appreciation and depreciation are common in things we do, then obviously we need to know the customers’ reviews to provide them with the best and to keep up the quality relationships with them. 

So keeping that in mind, we designed Playstore integration. With that, the reviews and comments posted by the customers will be created as a ticket in Freshdesk. So that the agent need not switch to Playstore and Freshdesk often. 

Instead, they can get the reviews inside their Freshdesk account and can reply to the reviews from their Freshdesk which will save their time. Not only time, but the chances of missing the reviews are also 0% when you’re having this add-on. 

Added-value of this app is that it can filter the star rating, which means that the admin can select the ratings so that the tickets will be created based only on the selected ratings i.e., if the admin sets the filter as 4star, tickets will be created ranges from 1star to 4star reviews.

Isn’t this makes you feel amazing and to integrate for your Playstore apps too right?  

The third one is ‘Auto Start Timer’! Who will not love the word automatic because it does the work for us and reduce our work? 

The same here if the agent is working on a ticket in Freshdesk, they need not start or stop the timer. Our sweet Auto start timer add-on will do that for them. 

Once the agent starts working on the open ticket then the timer will get started automatically and if they change the ticket status to close or resolved automatically timer will get stopped. 

I hope your question maybe everything sounds fine, but how the agent will know whether the timer is running or not and the time is tracked properly. 

As this is a background app the agents will get the notifications on the top right corner when it gets started and stopped. 

The timer will run at the bottom right corner of the page in the app widget. Now the admin can easily assess the time spent by the agents in a particular ticket even if they miss out to log in the time manually.

This is why I like our Autostart timer app because it will do the job promptly, even if we fail to remember.

Then comes the most wanted app in the queue which is Google My Business reviews integration

Let me tell you a tiny story,

  One fine day in the office the person who was responsible for the Google My Business reviews was happily replying manually to the comments from Google My Business meanwhile he got one more review and he was like ‘come on, come on’ I can manage a hell lot of reviews at a time. 

Later he got more than 100 comments at a time and he missed out to reply to many comments. Within a few minutes, he got calls from the customers who didn’t get the reply for comment and screwed up nicely. 

He went crazy moreover fed up with the reviews and couldn’t manage his work.

He was thinking, ‘if I get a solution for this, then I will be the happiest man in the world’ but is that possible? Who will fulfil my needs? It’s all like the daydream.

But here comes the google review and Freshdesk integration into the picture as a solution for his problem. After knowing about the app he feels like eating a yummy burger. 

Then he started using the app and completed his work easily and felt like flying in the air.

I hope you would have liked the story with a happy ending that too because of the app we built, so we are happy too.

Specialized Features of the app:

  1. Immediate responses can be sent from the Freshdesk account itself.
  2. The synchronization speed is very high.
  3. Can view the analytics of the reviews.
  4. Can filter the reviews with the star rating. 

Last yet importantly the most useful app baptized Contract Management.

It is useful for the admins to set the contract hours and threshold hours for the company. If the contact belongs to the respective company will get the contract hours and threshold hours in the app widget, if not it will show a message stating that ‘No company associated with this contact’. 

If the agent works in a particular ticket the contract hours will get reduced once the agent login time. Based on the reduction of contract hours, if it reaches the threshold hour agents will be notified with a message stating ‘you have reached your threshold hour’.

If the agent works in the same ticket more than the contract hours then it will show the contract hours in minus value. So that admin can know that they have reached beyond their contract period.

Finally wrapping things up with, now I hope you might come to the conclusion why I just love those apps we built and if you people start using our apps we developed for the Freshworks marketplace, I assure you all that you would also love those apps and make your agents’ life better.

If you have queries regarding those plugins and wanted to customise Freshdesk and the suite of products as per your needs, please feel free to reach out to fw-support@wp.spritle.com. Have a good day 🙂

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