What is Cloud Firestore ? Its Key capabilities

Varun Kumar S

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One of the most needed features for high-performance web applications and mobile applications is a strong and healthy Database. An excellent Database makes it easy and effortless to store data in a well-organized manner. This is where Google Firestore comes in handy.

Firestore is one of the most used data storage techniques, preferred across the globe, that helps you store data in a Non_sql method. It is a part of Google Firebase. Firestore is a high-performing database that supports auto-scaling. It is easy to use and quite reliable. It can be used with languages and frameworks like ReactJS, NodeJS, C++, Java etc.

Key Capabilities


Firestore stores data in Documents, organized into collections. It stores data in a hierarchical structure. Each document can have nested collections called Sub-Collections. This way it is Flexible.

2-Expressive Querying

Queries are used to retrieve data of an individual document or all the documents in a collection, that meets the query parameters. Queries can include multiple or chained filters or can combine Filter and sorting.

3-Realtime Updates

Firestore uses data synchronization to update the database from any connected device in realtime.

4-Offline support

Firestore caches data that your app is actively using so that your app can easily read, write, query, listen to, even if the device is offline. Firestore synchronizes to any local changes as soon as the device is online.

5-Designed to scale

Cloud Firestore brings you the best of Google Cloud’s powerful infrastructure: automatic multi-region data replication, strong consistency guarantees, atomic batch operations, and real transaction support. We’ve designed Cloud Firestore to handle the toughest database workloads from the world’s biggest apps.

Hope this blog was helpful to you about Firestore. I will be writing my next blog with a practical example of the implementation of Firestore.



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