What makes Chennai the most happening city for Startups today?

Sriram Ravishankar

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Right at the doorstep are all the opportunities that you have ever wanted. All you need is the passion, vision and execution. You can have the chance to live your dreams.
Well, at least, that is what Chennai teaches us. Temples, Carnatic music, Idly/dosai, Marina beach, they are all here to stay. But there is more to this city where classic meets modern, culture meets urban. Now, it rings synonymous to technology, investments, plentiful and talented coders. Most importantly, innovation.

Chennai has got all it takes
Gone are the days we look up to San Jose and Tokyo for R&D. We are here to challenge and build the way forward for the rest to follow. Chennai has the infrastructure, the resources and the poise to be the next big thing in the tech valley.
Startup events.
Among the many of the startup events happening in Chennai is Enantra, conducted by the College of engineering at Guindy. The prestigious institution boasts of being among the oldest and the most sort after university by technologists everywhere. The campus itself gives a very enthralled feeling of being surrounded by young engineers and entrepreneurs who are going to turn out to be active contributors to the changing society and life ways.

Advanced audience.
It was at Enantra we choose to launch our most recent release ‘IAMVASCO’. And turns out, it was the best place to get the most appropriate feedback. The young uber and geeky crowd were there not to please you to your face, but surprise you with their instantaneous thought process that seemed like from the top of the head of market researchers, user experience specialities and functional architects. So much of understanding towards the purpose of an app, the implementation and execution strategy. It only leaves us in awe of the talent that this city pocessess.

What was the app that we launched?
IamVasco is an app built to gather user feedback for all the amenities around us like roads, sewage, electricity, garbage among others. The users get to rate and comment on the quality of any given point on a map. The ratings can be for your city and for unexplored terrains. The users can share the ratings and opinions on all social media platforms seamlessly. The app can enable you to instantly take pictures and videos and share it with all along with the statistical details of the location. All this and the users get to view it all on the map itself. A state of the art map interface that show user feedback and average score as heatmap clusters to give a more transparent view of the infrastructure of all locations. View all comments loading as real time feed

What can this app do for us? That was an FAQ.
The app is a platform to bring a real-time user-driven inspection report for all amenities. This data can help authorities to identify pain points and resolve them. That might be the tip. This data could help us in several other ways. To explore new locations. To check new neighborhood.
Makes life easier.
Maps and Gps today calculate best route based distance and traffic. Consider knowing what route to take based on the quality of roads. That can be achieved only by user driven real time data. That is what we are trying to achieve.
Research underway
We are not stopping there. Augmented reality is where we are heading next with this.

Making an app users want to use
All his can be achieved only if users populate the app actively with enough data. This takes us to the challenge of convincing the audience at Enantra in wanting to use the app. The Feedback and ideas were brilliant. We took a page from every opinion and it only helps us to make the app better and more usable.
So many more awesome startups at the event.
We thought we had a great idea and when we look around there are so many startups with amazing ideas and they are on their toe to get it out in the market. The way technology is being conceived by several business owners to bring up apps that make life so much easier is welcoming. The collaboration of several service based businesses and retail industry with the advancements today has opened doors for so many app ideas.
The new ‘valley’ in the block
It was wonderful to realise we were actually living in a very happening and innovative technology city. All these businesses have started up trusting the educated feedback of users in this ‘Smart’ city.
Chennai gives us all a great platform to be the change we want to see. Let us try to make the most out of it today. Let’s get out there and explore all the possibilities there are.
It is victory only if all of us win.
Download the app now:
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