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More about observable arrays in Knockoutjs

ObservableArray is a nice way to update a collection in Knockoutjs, if we want to repeat certain UI sections like name of the products...
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My First-hand Experience With KnockoutJS

Why Knockout ? When I worked for a single pager cross platform mobile application, there were lot of UI need to be updated very...
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Emerging Big Data in Enterprise Mobile Applications

The new Smart phone era has changed the way people live, smart phones were not just used as an instrument to communicate but also...
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Capitalize All the Text in HTML Table using jQuery.

This is my first plugin in Jquery, It is a small and simple plugin which Capitalize all the text inside a table. The plugin...
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Ruby IRB like Rhodes Console for Mobile Apps

Ruby IRB like Rhodes Console for Mobile Apps Just created a rhodes console which I found very useful while we develop smart phone applications...
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Push Notifications in Rhodes using Ruby

I tried Push notifications concept in Rhodes using Rhoconnect and its works well. The documentation for the same is also nice. For one of...
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Ruby Tips 10: Using Devise Gem for API Token Authentication

Ok. If you have already read the Devise gem wiki, you wouldn’t be seeing this, if not here is the simple way to do...
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Consume SOAP WebServices Using Ruby With Savon

Recently, we had a task of consuming a SOAP based web serivces which sends and receive complex objects.
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Configuring Memcached with Rails 3

First install memcached in your machine and make sure the memcached server is running. After installation to make sure its running, try starting the...
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RVM Gemsets To Maintain Multiple Versions Of Gems.

RVM made my life easier to run multiple versions of ruby and rails in Ubuntu/Mac OS. If we want to maintain multiple versions of...
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GitHub Client Written Using Rhodes

I am new to Rhodes, In Rhomobile landing page they have a quote saying “Use your web skills to write NATIVE apps once and...
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Three New things in Ruby 1.9.x

There are lot more things improved in Ruby 1.9.2, I am going to discuss about 3 new things I liked which is introduced in...
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