Advanced Rails Recipes: Book Review

Vamsi Krishna

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If you are looking for handy plugins, gems in rails and some advanced recipes which make your work 10 times easier ,I suggest this book Advanced Rails Recipes. This book is a collection of practical recipes for spicing up your web application without a lot of prep and cleanup. You’ll learn how the pros have solved the tough problems using the most up-to-date Rails techniques so you can deliver your stunning web app quicker and easier. Our company (Spritle Software) bought this book “Advanced Rails Recipes” and I started reading it and found it very useful. It has some cool searching gems, clientside validation plugins and much more advanced topics which will definitely come handy in webapplications

At the same time, it’s easy to get left behind in the wake of progress. “Advanced Rails Recipes” keeps you on the cutting edge of Rails development and, more importantly, continues to turn this fast-paced framework to your advantage.
“Advanced Rails Recipes” is filled with pragmatic recipes you’ll use on every Rails project. And by taking the code in these recipes and slipping it into your application you’ll not only deliver your application quicker, you’ll do so with the confidence that it’s done right.
* This book is for people who already know some basic stuff about rails
* If you are a beginner and don’t know much, then this book is not advisable but there is another book for rails beginner I suggest Agile development with Rails
* The chapters are well categorized and you can jump in to any category which you want work with.
* Most of the problems dealt in this book are real time problems in web applications ex: client side javascript validation with validation_reflection plugin, file upload with attchment_fu plugin
* This book is like a cheat sheet or a pocket book for reference whenever there is a complex module you are implementing in your web application you can check for a solution here.
* The authors have given lots of code snippets while explaining a topic instead of lots of theoretical text. Some thing that programmers always look for.
* This book also gives an insight about Search recipes, security recipes and performance and scalability recipes. The most interesting part in this book is the “Deployment and Capistrano recipes”.
you can find the table of contents for this book here
* This book is worth buying for its content coverage and its also very useful.
Book name: Advanced Rails Recipes
Edition: April 2008
Author: Mike Clark and the Rails community
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf

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