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Rails Application with Authentication and Authorization

This is a small blog about applying authorization to an application and how to write unit,functional and integration tests for the application in the...
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Chart Application with Flex4 + Rails 2.3.x

I created a simple app with Flex 4 as front end and Rails 2.3.5 as back end. Well these days I started refreshing my...
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Ruby Tip2: Comparator For Comparing Objects

In Ruby, we can compare two objects by several number of ways. But I want to compare a particular class instances only on one...
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Drag-n-Drop Web Components using jQuery & Rails

Drag and Drop widgets are great functionality to let the user control how they wants to see the information as he can arrange various...
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Advanced Auto Complete Feature – Part 2

In my previous blog on ‘Advanced Auto Complete’, I mentioned about how to pre-fill the fields upon selecting a company name for a person...
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The power of Dynamic Scope Methods in Rails

After a long time I am writing this blog, I have to give a reason like everyone does (I am really really busy with...
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Ruby Way of Showing Interest

Recently we saw an advertisement for a Rails Developer contract job in one famous Rails website. The potential client posted a small puzzle in...
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Advanced Auto Complete Feature (auto_complete ROR Plugin)

Autocomplete is very common feature that we see in many web2.0 applications (as in google,youtube and so on), this feature is easily implemented in...
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Useful Rails Gems And Plugins

Here is a quick listing on some of the useful Rails gems and plugin that I use in our projects everyday.
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Periodically Call Remote and Will_Paginate Problem

I was using will_paginate and periodically_call_remote to update a table in a webpage periodically but it gave me a lot of trouble than I...
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Advanced Rails Recipes: Book Review

If you are looking for handy plugins, gems in rails and some advanced recipes which make your work 10 times easier ,I suggest this...
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XpenseTracker – Ajax based CURD with ROR and RJS

RJS templates for Rails by OReilly is a cool book , If you want to learn how to give Ajax functionality to your website...
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