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Transforming Mental Health Care: How Spritle Software Uses AI for Enhanced Support

Hello Everyone, When we talk about being depressed, feeling low, experiencing anxiety attacks, and other similar terms, it resonates with many people these days....
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AI and Business Analysis – The irresistible team up with ChatGPT

Introduction Ever thought about a future where AI might do my job? Sometimes I dream of getting fired, and in that dream, AI is...
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Blockchain in Supply Chain Management!

Hey Everyone! Have you ever wondered where a product that you purchase from a store comes from? or when is it produced? or who...
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My Journey at Spritle!

Hi! I am Siddharrth. I work as a Business Analyst in the Spritle services team for the past 5 months. I’ll start by providing...
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OpenAI ChatGPT: the road ahead and how can it enhance software development

Artificial Intelligence has always been one of the most captivating segments of recent tech-savvy advancements.  And with ongoing AI projects like chatbot development, the...
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