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Unrelated changes in your git code? Avoid them using Patch!

For a very long time, we have been using Git as a code version controller in Spritle Software. Recently, I came across a Git...
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Find/Resolve CSS assets precompilation errors

Recently we deployed one of our applications to production and while precompiling the assets we got the error – rake aborted! Sass::SyntaxError: Invalid CSS...
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How To Do Form Validation Using AngularJS

I started using AngularJS extensively on my projects and recently started using it on our Apache Cordova projects well. Let me tell how to...
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Rollbar Integration – Rails app

In this blog we are going to see how to integrate rollbar with rails application. What is Rollbar: Rollbar helps to take control of...
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How to handle fullcalendar gem

I would like to discuss about full calendar gem in this blog. FullCalendar is a fantastic jQuery plugin that gives you an event calendar...
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Discussing some of the features of Rails 4.2

I would like to discuss some of the new features of the new Rails 4.2 in this blog. ActiveJob, ActionMailer #deliver_later, AdequateRecord, Web Console...
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Mobile applications: Native vs. Web apps

Here is Part-I of my experience in developing mobile applications.
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Run HighCharts in RhoMobile (iPhone, iPad and Android)

I like HighCharts and used it for one of our project. I wanted to use HighCharts in Rhomobile mobile applications and thought I would...
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Scrollable Content with Fixed Header and Footer – Rhomobile App

While using Rhomobile, often you might want to create an app that would have scrollable content with fixed header and footer, horizontally scrollable content,...
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